Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a local travel agent for my honeymoon plans?

Even in the age of online booking, travel agents are a great source of information and discounts. A travel agent can make sure that your trip is tailored to you, assist you in case of unexpected problems, and help you anticipate potential issues in advance. Tough, the main reason is that, at Honeymoons in Italy, we are totally committed to plan Honeymoons! We do it in Italy as our main core business, but we do also plan honeymoons in Europe and Abroad for Italians. Honeymoons are our reason, tough we know how to satisfy your expectations in such an important vacation.

Will I pay more if I book through an agent?

Our fees are transparent. In many cases, you save more than you spend. We can work within your budget, and we always focus on making sure that you get a solid value in return for our fees. 

Do you book group travel?

We are specialized in Honeymoons in Italy, therefore our usual holidays are two people based. Tough, we do plan group bookings when assisting the guests of destination weddings in Italy with their travel plans. So, yes, we can work around your request.

Why should I book flights with you?

If you book flights with us, we can assure you a complete assistance in case of strikes or delays. 

We can change on real time all other services booked, assuring flexibility and reducing the stress. In case you book your flights online, we are not able to assist you on real-time in case of these eventualities, and we are subject to their timings and assistance. 

Why are your flight fares are different than online sites?

We don't look for the cheap flight, but we look for the best fare to compare with timing, on board luggage, taxes, and we always include insurance and  our booking fee.

We will provide all different options for your to choose. In any case, flights are not mandatory to plan a honeymoon with us.

Sometimes hotel rates are different than online rates.

Our hotel fares are guaranteed in many years of direct collaboration with some of the best hotels in Italy. 

We guarantee  the  best room avaiable for that typology at the moment of the booking. 


Perché dobbiamo prenotare tramite voi?

Il nostro staff super esperto conosce personalmente, strutture e fornitori garantendovi la soluzione migliore in relazione alle vostre esigenze. Dal momento della partenza al vostro rientro il nostro staff sarà a vostra disposizione per emergenze con un’assistenza telefonica h24.

Perché fidarsi dei vostri itinerari?

Lo staff conosce e ha personalmente viaggiato in tutta la nostra nazione, provando e selezionando i      servizi con i migliori fornitori locali, modificandoli e elaborandoli su misura. Le strutture ricettive sono tutte strutture selezionate e “vissute” dove vengono offerti servizi di buon livello in location uniche e di charme.

Una volta confermato il viaggio posso cancellare o modificare i servizi prenotati?

Tutti i nostri viaggi di nozze sono costruiti su misura ed adattati alle effettive esigenze della coppia, alla conferma del viaggio verrà inviato un contratto con le varie penalità di cancellazione. Ovviamente sarà nostra premura in base alle singole esigenze cercare di aiutare il cliente anche durante una modifica dell’ultimo minuto.

What about the payment. What type of payments do you accept?

At the confirmation of your honeymoon, we require a 30% + full balance of flight tickets (if apply). You will receive a fully legal travel contract to comply with all International laws about travel and tourism. Balance is due at least two weeks before departure. We accept Credit card, Paypal and wire transfer.

When will you send me the program and all vouchers?

After we receive the final balance, you will receive the full honeymoon program including all vouchers and useful information. 

What is your assistance during our honeymoon?

We will be reachable daily from 9 am to 7 pm at our office number or at the emergency mobile phone.