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Venice to Florence honeymoon: the north regions

 Dear Alberto,  everything was great! The honeymoon was amazing. The value of a 5-star  hotel was immediately evident at Bellagio as they had no trouble helping  me with one lost luggage bag. Florence was especially nice.  Silvio was  a very interesting man and we definitely had more fun adjusting our  schedule to see Chianti and talking about the overview of Florence. It  really seems to be a process of "making friends" rather a type of  guide/tourist relationship - and we enjoyed it immensely. The guides  really made the honeymoon quite special.  The private cars also helped  quite a bit in that our luggage was a little bulky - definitely not  designed for Florentine streets.  The Hotel de Ville actually had the  largest rooms and their staff seemed more competent than at Verona but I  suppose this is due to the increased tourism in Florence.  We must plan  our next trip to Italy I think we need to see Capri Rome Portofino.  Luisella was great in Venice and we wish we had made more time to spend  with her.  All in all I think the private guided tours are what made  this honeymoon much superior to what we saw other tourists doing.  I  would not imagine coming back to Italy without a guide - otherwise we  would have been stuck with a much more superficial experience.  I  suppose this level of service and pride of work, which at the best  hotels, makes the travelling unique.  Well next time! No problem using  us as a reference

Thank you!!!!
Sigmund and Felicia

(Sigmund and Felicia are from Texas, and their honeymoon was in 2001. They travelled back to Italy again, but this time we planned a beautiful trip with their daughter too!)

Capri, Amalfi Coast, & South


Hi Alberto and Buon Giorno! 

THANK YOU from both of us!!

The first week at Palasso Sasso was  SUPERB - please make sure the General Manager there knows just exactly  how delighted we were.  And please tell him that EVERY single member of  his staff contributed to that. (P.S.  There is a lovely young bird in  the restaurant called ... Marilena ? I think that was it..... but ALL of  the guys in our party wanted to take her home with them!!) As for  Ravello, it is beautiful, and the people are so pleasant and friendly -  unlike, I am sad to say, the people we found in the North!  And the  wedding was a treat, simple and easy, and undertaken with real interest  and flair by the Mayor and his team. In simple terms, if it had not have  been for the World Superbikes - which were brilliant - we would never  have left Ravello. You must be congratulated for putting us in touch  with such a perfect place, and for ensuring that everything, went  without a single hitch - THANK YOU from both of us!! ..."


Lakes to Venice: west to east


Words cannot express how happy we are with how perfectly everything, and  we mean everything, turned out.

M    I    L    L    E        !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
G    R    A    Z    I    E    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Words  cannot express how happy we are with how perfectly everything, and we  mean everything, turned out. You and your company are professionals of  the highest degree. Please put us on your reference list (as if you need  anymore, I am sure!)

Francesca was a dream in Milan, so  intelligent! Phillippa is wonderfully friendly and made everything look  so easy. My dad met her the morning of the wedding, at her husband’s  shop, and Alex and I went down to meet her and buy me an umbrella for  the ceremony. I think she would have liked to fix the weather, but we  really didn’t mind. In fact it made for some wonderfully dramatic  pictures of the lake and island.

We left the day and made it to  Venice for the record setting Aqua Alta! Another amazing experience,  although one I was glad did not last too long. Our only regret is that  our time was so short. We could easily have stayed another week, or two,  or three!

Well, before I bore you too much, please use the following  contact information and add us to your list of ecstatic clients.

Sincerely, Kim

Cinque Terre, Italian Riviera

Dear Sonia, you and Alberto were simply fantastic!!!! 

Thank you once again for all of your hard work.  Our  wedding was blissful, romantic, and our hearts and spirits will be  eternally etched with the loving ambience and energy that PortoVenere  and beautiful Castle Doria provided.  We would also highly recommend The  Hotel/ristorante Albergo Paradiso for future clients.  They were  absolutely extraordinary, very professional, and so very kind. 

Bravo!!!!! Here are some photos  for you to review.  We have 80 billion photos of course :)  But with  limited time tonight, these were the ones that we could attach.  Thank you once again for everything.  You are fantastic!!!!!

With love and light,

Tamara and Adam

Tuscany experience

We couldn't be  happier with the service, professionalism and expertise demonstrated to  us.  The regular and  prompt responses to any queries whether they were big or small ensured  we felt very supported, involved and confident in the arrangements for  our wedding day.  The whole process was stress-free and very enjoyable.

Tuscany and South Italy

We have arrived home from our  honeymoon, we are both still overwhelmed and amazed by our wedding day and the following honeymoon. 

Thank you does not feel like a big enough word when I think about  all the effort you put in to making our day perfect in every way. You  are a very talented lady! I enjoyed talking to you very much. 

If you and  your family ever want to travel to the north of England you will always  be welcome to stay with me, rob and my family. You will forever be in  my prayers.

Love and thanks
Anne x x